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Club Laiya is the newest Landco Beachtowns’ Leisure Tourism Estate (LTE) rising in Batangas. The residential district will have a central 300-meter pool amenity and a sports club. Furthermore, it will feature wide landscaped walkways with an urbanized forest trail. These facilities will energize the lot owners as they enjoy residential living. The mixed-use and master-planned leisure living at Club Laiya have wide-open spaces with awe-inspiring promenades and green parks. But what’s more, what can you expect at the Club?

The harbor real estate’s Seaside District features the Cocoons and the Isle. Let us tell you more about these amazing places!

  • The Cocoons: The Cocoons are unique sleeping pods shaped like huge cylindrical concrete drainage pipes. These private sleeping nooks have unique features with colorful facets. The shape is reminiscent of capsule hotels, but with an exclusive atmosphere overlooking the beach. The Cocoons offer extraordinary lodging (mostly overnight stays) experience for those seeking adventure amidst the wild and the beach. 
    The Cocoons at Club Laiya has a front desk operating 24 hours (seven days a week), pools with an ocean view, a bar, and a car park. This immaculate vacation place also offers free Wi-Fi in all rooms and private areas, safety deposit boxes, and 24/7 security. You only need to make a reservation and a booking to secure a slot. The Cocoons are owned and managed by Millennial Resorts Corporation, in partnership with Landco.
  • The Isle: The Isle is an above-water events venue located in the Seaside District of Club Laiya. The facilities offer an amazing view of the ocean and the pristine white sand beachfront. But for more nature-infused feels, the Isle is surrounded by different species of trees and floral landscapes. Coconut and palm trees abound in the area.

Club Laiya also features Beach Promenades, Beach Clubhouse, Plaza & Central Park, Restaurants & Bars, Hotels, and a Jetty Drop-Off. Soon, the harbor estate will have condotels, condo communities, and other developments.

  • Beach Promenades
  • Beach Clubhouse
  • Plaza & Central Park
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Hotels
  • Jetty Drop-Off
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